New Chairman of the Board of Directors of PLANET BULGARIA

30 Jul 2015

H.E. Mr. Michael Humphreys, former Head of Delegation and (following accession) Head of Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria (2006-2007) is elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of Planet Bulgaria in July 2015.  As PLANET BULGARIA expands its activities in the country and in the region, he will visit Bulgaria in early October 2015 for a series of meetings.

Mr. Humphreys has a remarkable career in international development and external relations activities – initially with nongovernmental organizations in Africa and subsequently with the European Commission development assistance, external relations and enlargement activities in Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the Balkans. He is a chartered accountant by profession with university background in social sciences.  His latest posts with the European Commission were as an Ambassador and Head of Delegation in Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina. His most recent full time assignment was as a Head of Mission Support for the EUPOL Afghanistan in Kabul.

PLANET BULGARIA will continue to be active in both public and private sector projects in the areas of development consulting, management and ICT consulting, infrastructure development and training delivery.