In the current highly competitive and dynamic business environment, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are more than ever a critical enabler for an organisation’s success, since it constitutes a source of competitive advantage and an important tool in the effort to automate and streamline business operations. ICT is an extremely useful means to serve an organisation’s needs along the following dimensions:

  • Commercial: It helps to proactively identify and satisfy customers’ needs and improve market positioning of a company;
  • Financial: It assists an organisation to identify and constrain its critical cost components, thus improving financial efficiency;
  • Operational: It improves operational effectiveness by automating and streamlining business processes while supporting continuous improvement by providing critical information concerning the performance of business operations throughout the organisation;
  • Management & Control: It helps to effectively plan and control business operations, including IT management processes, thus enabling streamlining of work flows and management of all types of risks.

This important success factor is often in a suboptimal state: IT applications and systems are often incompatible with user needs and requirements, fragmented and mutually inconsistent, thus contributing to an overall misalignment of strategic goals and actual operations. It is therefore of paramount importance to assist an organisation in creating, implementing and maintaining an integrated and consistent ICT strategy plan in order to unleash its hidden dynamics.

PLANET BULGARIA provides ICT Consulting services that help organizations to put ICT assets at the service of their business needs and strategic vision. From the small private enterprises to major public entities, finding the best way to integrate IT systems and align them with the business needs and strategic goals, is central to an organisation’s success. By supporting the entire Information Systems Life Cycle, PLANET BULGARIA strives to enable its clients to maximise their value from ICT by exploiting a multi-dimensional approach and providing services along the following axes:

  • ICT Strategy & Transformation
  • Enterprise Architecture Design
  • IT Programme & Project Management
  • Information & Systems Security
  • IT Solutions Delivery

PLANET’s BULGARIA ICT Consulting services lead to value generating propositions based on the clients’ mission and objectives. PLANET BULGARIA working in a collaborative manner with client organizations, combines the specialised skills of its personnel with proven methodologies, widely adopted standards and best practices, to maximise expected value for its clients.